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Wall CabinetsWhy would a company consider building a wall cabinet to display its products?

1. Your store rent is very HIGH and floor space is limited or your floor space is currently used to display other store fixtures
2. Your products are best view at EYE-LEVEL
3. You just love the look of "wall cabinets" !!
4. Your BOSS likes them !!

Most of our clients who choose wall cabinets over other showcases or display cases do so for the first 2 reasons listed above and possibly these are your reasons.

Wall Mounted Cabinets and Hanging Wall Cabinets are very popular in many stores as they don't occupy any floor space, thereby allowing you to use your prime real estate for other store fixtures.

Welcome to Wall Cabinets where all we do is build structurally durable wall cabinets in all colours and sizes. Dimensionally speaking, for the last 29 years we have build all kinds of wall cabinets of varying sizes for companies like, BMW, IBM, Royal Doulton and many other highly respected clients.

Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where we hire some of the very best designers, sales staff, engineers and cabinet makers. We have been designing wall cabinets for clients across the U.S., Canada and Mexico and all of our manufacturing is done in-house, employing the very best material to ensure our high quality and standards are maintained.

Our wall cabinets are designed and built in-house where quality can be controlled. Our wall cabinets are unmatched by our competitors and we have earned a respectful reputation in our industry.

If you are looking to design a wall mounted cabinet or hanging wall cabinet, we will assist you in the process to ensure you design and build the cabinet that will best work for your products.

Give us a call at: (886) 843 - 6635

Recent Wall Cabinets' Projects

For the last 29 years we have acquired a tall list of clients and wide list of photos that showcases the various wall cabinets we have designed and built for our clients. We take pride in designing and building each wall cabinet that leaves our production facility and you can take a look at some of the finest quality that we have built for our clients at http://wallcabinets.ca/showcase.php

At Wall Cabinets, we have served many clients across North America and we would like to add your company to our roster.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you in designing the perfect wall cabinet that is ideal for displaying your company's products.

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